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Feeder series have two types: Vibrating feeder (GZD) and linear feeder (ZSW) Vibrating feeder series have two engines. Users can adjust vibrating frequency of feeder freely so as to completely control feeding speed and ensure smooth operation of production line. Linear feeder series have features of stable vibration, reliable operation and long service life.

Vibrating feeder consists of the vibrating frame, vibrators, springs, electric motor, aircraft vibration and other components. There are two eccentric shafts rotating at high speed at the same time from opposite directions, thus the strong centrifugal force is formed.

The component forces of centrifugal force along the vibrating direction will always overlap each other, the counteract with that of vertical force from vibrating direction, then exciting force along single direction is formed to drive the feeder vibrate along straight line. When materials are fed into the feeder, they may be thrown up and move like para curve, then fall down. The materials will move forward on the slope surface of the feeder.

The vibrating feeder has features of stable vibration, reliable operation and Reliability.

In addition, GZD also can adjust the excitation force, change and control the flaw at any time conveniently and stably.

Vibration motor is of vibration source, with low noise, small power consumption and good adjustment.

Simple structure, reliable operation, convenient adjustment and installation, light weight, small size, easy maintenance, preventing dust pollution when using the closed structure of the fuselage.

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